Digital Photography Technique:Quick & Helpful Video Tips

Digital Photography Technique

Digital Photography Technique:
Quick & Helpful Video Tips

Welcome to the home of the Two Minute Photo Tips video series!
This is a brand new feature on Ultimate Photo Tips where I’ll be sharing some great digital photography technique via a series of short videos. I hope you enjoy them! So that you can see what’s planned for the future, I’ve listed all the anticipated categories and topics below. Come back and visit often, as I’ll be adding a new video each week. Enjoy!

Two Minute Photo Tips: Photography Video Tutorials


Camera Settings

Exposure New video!







Camera Settings

Before you can practice your digital photography technique, you need to get a grasp on the basic camera settings. Here are a few videos to help.

Aperture Priority

Julie talks about aperture priority

What is aperture priority? In this video, Julie explains how you use it, how it works, and why you would choose this camera mode.

Watch the video on aperture priority

Bulb Mode

Julie talks about bulb mode

What is bulb mode? In this video, Julie explains how you use it, how it works, and why you would choose this camera mode.

Watch the video on bulb mode.


Julie compares Raw versus JPEG formats

Are you wondering whether to shoot in RAW or JPEG? Not sure exactly what the difference is? Julie compares these two file formats in a short video, and recommends which you should be using.

Watch the video on RAW versus JPEG.


Future Topics:

  1. shutter priority
  2. exposure compensation
  3. what ISO to choose
  4. white balance


Exposure and composition are the nuts and bolts of digital photography technique. I’ll start with a few videos to help you get a handle on exposure.

Histograms Part 1

photo histogram explained

In the first video of this three part series, I explain how to understand and interpret the data in your camera’s histogram display.

Watch the video on the photo histogram.


Histograms Part 2

photo histogram explained

New video!

In the second video of this three part series, I explain how to use the data in your camera’s histogram display to correct your exposure.

Watch the video on the photo histogram.


Future Topics:

  1. exposure = aperture + shutter speed + ISO (+ light!)
  2. shutter priority
  3. exposure compensation
  4. what ISO to choose



Digital photography technique doesn’t stop at exposure. Composition is key to a great photograph. Here, I share a few thoughts on some of the dos and don’ts to help you tell the story you want.

Subject Placement

Julie talks about subject placement

Are you ready to go beyond the rule of thirds with your subject placement? Learn how the position of your subject relative to the frame relates to the story you want to tell with your photograph.

Watch the video on subject placement.


Leading Lines

Julie talks about leading lines

Direct your viewer to your subject; use lines in your photographs to lead your viewer’s eye exactly where you want it to go.

Watch the video on leading lines.

Bright Spots

Julie talks about brght spots in photos

Used deliberately, bright spots in photos can draw your viewer’s attention to your subject. Included accidentally, bright spots can be distracting. Make sure you get it right!

Watch the video on bright spots in photos.

Background is an Integral Part of the Image

Julie talks about background in photography

Never under-estimate the importance of the background in your photograph. It can make or break your image. All too often, we pay too much attention to our subject, and not what surrounds it.

Watch the video on background in photography.

Rule of Thirds

rule of thirds

The rule of thirds is one of the most touted rules in photography, so is it ever okay to break it? Find out my thoughts, and see some examples.

Watch the video on the rule of thirds.


Future Topics:

  1. the KISS Principle
  2. diptychs and triptychs


This section holds a collection of videos on all kinds of digital photography techniques, from how to hold your camera, to photographing holiday lights, to capturing star points.

Live View for Focusing

Live View for focusing

Do you ever struggle to get accurate focus? Whether you have trouble trying to focus close up, or in low light, or just because of poor vision, this technique with live view can improve your focusing.


How to Hold Your Camera

Julie talks about how to hold a camera

Are you making this common mistake when you hold your camera. It could cause blur in your photos! Find out how to hold your camera correctly.

Watch the video on how to hold a camera.



Digital Night Photography

Photographing star points

Have you ever wondered what shutter speed to use to capture star points, and not star trails? In this short video on digital night photography, Julie reveals the formula to use to calculate the maximum shutter speed you can use to keep those stars looking like points.


Future Topics:

  1. backlight
  2. grey cards
  3. photographing snow
  4. photographing holiday lights
  5. star trails: how to get lines vs. curves, vs. circles
  6. bracketing
  7. tip to catch out of focus foreground material
  8. shooting in cold weather
  9. get it right in camera
  10. photograph children/pets from their eye level
  11. photograph people from slightly above (no nostrils!)
  12. find your light first, then the right subject
  13. look behind you!



I believe that photography is all about story-telling. In these videos, I share some tips so that you can better translate the vision in your head into a final image for your viewers.

Convey Emotion and Mood Using Color

Julie talks about color in photography

Color in photography can be used to convey emotion and mood. Choose colors that are consistent with your message to tell a strong story.

Watch the video on color in photography

Include People in Your Nature & Landscape Shots

Julie talks about including people in nature photography

Do you always avoid including people in your nature and landscape photos? Find out two good reasons to include people in your shots.

Watch the video on people in nature photography

Light and Dark Tones in Photography

Julie talks about using light and dark tones in photography

Light and dark tones can convey emotion in your photographs. Make sure you understand how to use high or low key exposures to reinforce the story you want to tell.

Watch the video on tones in photography


Future Topics:

  1. less is more!



Creativity is the secret sauce that makes your image stand out from the crowd. Here are a few videos with digital photography technique to get you thinking outside the box.

Restrictions Breed Creativity

Julie talks about how restrictions breed creativity

If you think that creative photos are all about having complete freedom, think again! I think it’s actually about imposing restrictions. See if you agree.

Watch the video on creative photos.

Creative Use of Shutter Speed

Julie talks about creative use of shutter speeds

Are you confused by what shutter speed you should be using? Are you avoiding the issue by avoiding manual mode altogether? Learn to choose a shutter speed that tells your story.

Watch the video on the creative use of shutter speeds.

Future Topics:

  1. creative use of aperture
  2. it’s all about attitude!
  3. communicating how you feel



We photographers do love our gear! Here are a handful of videos that talk about the toys.

The Virtues of a Camera Tripod

Julie gives you 2 good reasons for using your camera tripod

Is your tripod feeling lonely and neglected? It’s time to take it out with you again! Find out two good reasons why.

Watch the video on using a camera tripod.

Using Your Wide Angle Lens

Julie gives you 7 tips for using your wide angle lens

Do you want to draw your viewer into the image? Here are 7 hot tips for using your wide angle lens effectively.

Watch the video on the wide angle lens.


Camera Protection

Julie gives you 2 ways to use a shower cap for camera ptotection

A shower cap? Really?

Check out this video for two ways that you can use a shower cap as camera protection from the dust and rain.



Future Topics:


Next, you may want to watch a video on using aperture priority mode on your camera.