How to Hold a Camera

How to Hold a Camera

Learn how to hold your camera properly to maximize your stability and reduce blur due to camera shake. Watch below for a quick but useful tip.

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Video Transcript for How to Hold a Camera

Hi! Back with you again today, I’m Julie from Ultimate Photo Tips. I have a really quick tip for you today, and we’re going right back to basics. This one’s all about how to hold a camera. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, I’ve seen many people coming into my workshops, and holding their camera like this [demonstrates]. Notice my left hand, and how it’s sitting on top of my lens? When your hand is on top of the lens like that, you can inadvertently put pressure on top, and push down on the lens, causing the camera to move. Instead, what you want to do is place your hand under the lens to support it. This is a much more stable way to hold the camera.

Also notice that I’m keeping my arms close in to my body. This adds stability too, rather than having my arms out here [demonstrates]. If you’re standing, it’s best to place your feet a little apart so that you are good and solid. You could also lean up against a post or a wall to make sure your position is secure, and keep that camera from moving.

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