Photography Project Ideas

Photography Project Ideas

What photography project ideas would you work on if you had an entire week to devote to shooting? It’s rare for most of us to get a solid chunk of time to spend on our favorite pastime. Let’s indulge in some creative thinking, and share photography ideas!

Would you shoot doors and windows? A construction site, as the project progresses? Old cars? A "day in the life of…"? Would you take a trip to your favorite destination for some travel photography? Chase your children around? Shoot reflections?

photography project ideas
You never know where you might find project ideas…
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I’ve always wanted to go to a park, and set up my camera to point at a busy park bench. I’d settle in for a few hours, and then take images at fixed time intervals, say every ten minutes. It’s really an exercise in time lapse photography. I think the resulting images could make a fun photo essay. The setting would stay the same, but the subjects would change at random.

Now, I’d love to hear your ideas!

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