Past Photo Challenges: The Winners!

Past Photo Challenges: The Winners

Past Photo Challenges:
The Winners!

Check out our past winners here. Enjoy the cream of the crop of the creative images that our readers have submitted. Each month is a new photo contest.

Past challenges. Find all of the submitted images here, by month.

August 2013 Winning Image

Topic: "A Rainy Day"


August 2013 photo contest winner
© Pierre Falzon
Pickering, Ontario, Canada
“Waiting for the Rain to Stop”


July 2013 Winning Image

Topic: "Stairs"


July 2013 photo contest winner
© Lorna
Saskatchewan, Canada/Jalisco, Mexico
“Black Beauty”


June 2013 Winning Image

Topic: "Doors and Windows"


June 2013 photo contest winner
© Ron
White Rock, BC, Canada
“Canal Dog”

May 2013 Winning Image

Topic: "Seeing Red"


May 2013 photo contest winner
© Sam Cox
Loveland, CO, USA


April 2013 Winning Image

Topic: "Urban Decay"


April 2013 photo contest winner
© David Feick
Woodstock, Ontario, Canada
“Elevator Out of Order”


March 2013 Winning Image

Topic: "Reflections"


March 2013 photo contest winner
© John
Bay Village, OH, USA
“Buddhist Reflections”


February 2013 Winning Image

Topic: "Parts of a Whole"


February 2013 photo contest winner
© Coralie Smith
Motueka, New Zealand
“Work Boots”


January 2013 Winning Image

Topic: "The Decisive Moment"


January 2013 photo contest winner
© Gary Wiesner
Hillsborough, NJ USA
“Hideki Matsui Game Tying Home Run”


December 2012 Winning Image

Topic: "Two’s Company"


December 2012 photo contest winner
© Paddy
South Africa
“Dead Trees Dancing”


November 2012 Winning Image

Topic: "One is the Loneliest Number"


November 2012 photo contest winner
© John Stavinoha
Cairo, Egypt
“Halong Boatman”


October 2012 Winning Image

Topic: "Serenity"


October 2012 photo contest winner
© Sandi Pitcarin
Port Rowan, ON, Canada
“Peace and Tranquility”


September 2012 Winning Image

Topic: "Abstract"


September 2012 photo contest winner
© Eleni Markoulis
Toronto, ON, Canada
“Painted Mountains”


August 2012 Winning Image

Topic: "Rust"


August 2012 photo contest winner
© Ron Chalecki
Hamilton, ON, Canada
“Alternate Realms”


July 2012 Winning Image

Topic: "Signs"


July 2012 photo contest winner
© Wayne
Woodstock, GA, USA
“Grease Trap”

June 2012 Winning Image

Topic: "Roads"


June 2012 photo contest winner
© Luba Citrin
Thornhill, ON, Canada
“Toronto Highway”

May 2012 Winning Image

Topic: "Bridges"


May 2012 photo contest winner
© Pierre Falzon
Pickering, ON, Canada
“At the Bridge”

April 2012 Winning Image

Topic: "Vanishing Point"


April 2012 photo contest winner
© Wendy Reeve
Motueka, NZ
“A Journey into the Unknown”


March 2012 Winning Image

Topic: "Shadows"


March 2012 photo contest winner
© Bruce Kennedy
Mississauga, Canada
“iPhone Mania”


February 2012 Winning Image

Topic: "Curves"


February 2012 photo contest winner
© Pete Torok
Nunavut, Canada
“Night Moves”

January 2012 Winning Image

Topic: "Clouds"


January 2012 photo contest winner
© David Colton
San Diego, CA, USA
“Before the storm, from Fiesta Island past Sea World, San Diego”


December 2011 Winning Image

Topic: "Sunsets"


December 2011 photo contest winner
© Lance Gitter
Thornhill, Ontario, Canada
“Great Sand Dunes National Park Sunset”


November 2011 Winning Image

Topic: "Urban Architecture"


November 2011 photo contest winner
© Wendy Reeve
Motueka, New Zealand
“At the Station”


October 2011 Winning Image

Topic: "Monochrome"


October 2011 photo contest winner
© Luis Vera
Laflin, PA, USA
“Wings Over Philadelphia”


September 2011 Winning Image

Topic: "It’s Hip to Be Square"


September 2011 photo contest winner
© Bruce Kennedy
Mississauga, ON, Canada


August 2011 Winning Image

Topic: "Elevating the Ordinary"


August 2011 photo contest winner
© Sam Cox
Loveland, CO, USA
“Sprinkler Head”


July 2011 Winning Image

Topic: "Flowers"


July 2011 photo contest winner
© Katherine Keates
Toronto, ON, Canada


June 2011 Winning Image

Topic: "It’s All About the Light"


June 2011 photo contest winner
© Lisa Ball
Motueka, Nelson, NZ
“Light Ball”


May 2011 Winning Image

Topic: "Creative Nature"


May 2011 photo contest winner
© Daniela Negreda
Lausanne, Switzerland
“Lens Painting”

April 2011 Winning Image

Topic: "Travel"


April 2011 photo contest winner
© Akhtar
“The Sage Gateshead”


March 2011 Winning Image

Topic: "Patterns and Repetition"


March 2011 photo contest winner
© Maija V
Toronto, ON, Canada
“Blue & Orange Bars”


February 2011 Winning Image

Topic: "Winter"


February 2011 photo contest winner
© Ron Whitaker
Nova Scotia, Canada
“Snow Patterns”


January 2011 Winning Image

Topic: "Water"


January 2011 photo contest winner
© Luis A. Vera
Laflin, PA, USA
“Fall Water”


December 2010 Winning Image

Topic: "Pets"


December 2010 photo contest winner
© Julie Anne Moore
NB, Canada
“Bath Time”


November 2010 Winning Image

Topic: "Bugs"


November 2010 photo contest winner
© Roberta
Tacoma, WA, USA
“Praying Mantis Shadow”


October 2010 Winning Image

Topic: "People"


October 2010 photo contest winner
© Anne Cao
Yunnan Province, China
“My Little Cousin”


September 2010 Winning Image

Topic: "A Different Perspective"


September 2010 photo contest winner
© Stephen Macdonald
Toronto, ON, Canada
“Come Sail Away”


August 2010 Winning Image

Topic: "Summertime"


August 2010 photo contest winner
© Rosanna
“Summer is fun in the sun. Taken at Malolo LaiLai, Fiji”


July 2010 Winning Image

Topic: "After Dark"


July 2010 photo contest winner
© Barry Shepherd,
Georgetown, Ontario, Canada
“St. Johns Harbour at Night”


June 2010 Winning Image

Topic: "The Letter D"


June 2010 photo contest winner
© Koos Fourie,
South Africa
“Desert Dunes”


May 2010 Winning Image

Topic: "Color"


May 2010 photo contest winner
© Peter Ainley,
Unionville, Ontario, Canada
“Planet BLUE”


April 2010 Winning Image


Topic: "Feet"


April 2010 winner
© Millie Russell,
Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada
“Light on my Feet”



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