Tony Sweet on “Creativity”

Tony Sweet – Interview on Creativity

tony sweet photography
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Tony teaches a number of photography workshops at I’ve had the privilege of taking two of them myself: Fine Art Flower Photography and Creative Nature/Outdoor Photos with Lensbabies. Tony is a great instructor! I enjoyed the sense of community in the classes, I had fun, and I learned a lot from both courses. I highly recommend any of Tony’s workshops.
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In this podcast, I interview Tony on the subject of creativity. What is creativity? Tony gives us his definition of creativity, and how it differs from imagination. He emphasizes the importance of keeping an open mind, and not labeling objects when we want to be creative. He encourages us to see the design elements of the object instead, and focus on its lines, shapes and colors.

"Creativity is the ability to see things with an open mind, and not put labels on things." –Tony

How can you boost your photographic creativity? Tony offers some ideas for improving our creativity. It’s all about persistence. If we continue to revisit a subject, we’ll be forced to find new approaches. As humans, we’re simply not wired to repeat the same images over and over again. Keep at it. Also, experiment! Get out and try new things. Finally, placing limitations on yourself can force you to get creative to find a new perspective on your subject.

Listen to our 20-minute chat for some great insights, techniques and inspiration, as we discuss the creative process in photography, how it compares to the creative process in music, whether anyone can learn to be creative, how restrictions and limitations can help our creativity, and more.

"Imagination is the idea that’s in your head, and the creativity would be what it would take to bring it to fruition." –Tony

tony sweet photography
© Tony Sweet

"If you just stay on something long enough, you will get out of the box." –Tony


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