How to Take Good Pictures

How to Take Good Pictures


Two Minute Photo Tips: Podcasts

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Family Photo Tips

family portrait ideas

Learn how to take good pictures of your family and friends. Get creative with your family photos! Stop getting everyone to say "cheese" in a formal pose, and start capturing more natural portraits.

Podcast on family portrait ideas




What is exposure bracketing, anyway? How do you do it? How can it help you?

Podcast on bracketing




Mirror Lockup

mirror lockup

Mirror lockup is useful when you’re shooting on a tripod, and want super-sharp images. It is especially useful when you are shooting macro or close-up.

Podcast on mirror lockup





Selective Focus

selectve focus

Selective Focus is a technique used to draw attention to a particular element of a photograph by making it the only piece in focus. Find out how to achieve this professional-looking effect.

Podcast on selective focus


Next, you may want to read an article by special guest writer, Larry Monzcka, with basic photography tips to take your pictures from snapshots to wall-worthy. It’s all about the details.