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Do you have any great portrait books about photography to recommend? Let's help each other build our libraries. Please share your top picks with our readers, and see what others have to say.

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What's your favorite portrait photography book?


My Top Picks

Photo Impressionism cover

Photo Impressionism and the Subjective Image
Author: Freeman Patterson and André Gallant
Publisher: O'Reilly

Okay, okay! You might think this one is a bit of a cheat to put under the "Portrait Photography" section! But I love the chapter at the end by André on Photographing People. He covers the topics you might expect, like lighting and posing. He has special sections on photographing men, women, teenagers, children and babies. He also talks a little about approaching people to take their picture, which is something many of us find hard to do.

Keep in mind that there's only a small part of this book devoted to photographing people, so you wouldn't buy it just for that. But it's a great book overall, and the portrait photography section is nice addition. (The rest of the book is about ways to make "impressionistic" styles images through the use of techniques like multiple exposures and montages).



What's Your Favorite?

Now it's time to share YOUR favorite books on portrait photography. Maybe you can suggest something that's all about portraits :-).

Please include a brief summary of what the book is about, the name of the author and publisher if you know it, and then tell us why you love the book!

Your Favorite Portrait Photography Book

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Vivian Maier 
They say may be the best Street Photographers of our time. A must see if you are into Street portrait photography. A hidden gem. …

Train Your Gaze 
If you're looking for a technical manual on how create beautiful family portraits or wedding photography, this is *not* your book. However, if you're …

Captured by the Light: The Essential Guide to Creating Extraordinary Wedding Photography  
Author: David Ziser Publisher: New Riders Press World-renowned wedding photographer, and one of the most widely acclaimed instructors in the industry …

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