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May 2011

Creative Nature

In my old camera club, we had a competition each year whose topic was "Creative Nature." In camera clubs, "Nature" competitions have very strict guidelines as to what images qualify. Our club introduced "Creative Nature" to provide a less restrictive forum for people to enter more interpretive images. It was always one of my favorite competitions. I've decided to use it as this month's topic.

Here, you can enter any image that uses Nature as the basis for the subject matter, but you should include your own creative twist. It could be adding some motion blur, converting to black and white, using selective focus, making an interesting crop, or even having some fun in Photoshop. This month's winner will be someone who shows some imagination in interpreting a Nature subject. Let's see those images!

Enter your super-amazing photos in our photo contests. The winning image will be featured on the Ultimate Photo Tips homepage for all of the following month.

One entry only each month per person, please!

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Getting Creative with Nature

photo challenge
Psychedelic Hostas
Made with a happy accident -- I picked the Gradient Map adjustment layer instead of Gradient by mistake - and I liked what happened!

© Julie Waterhouse


photo challenge
Made using a Lensbaby to get only one area in focus.
© Julie Waterhouse


photo challenge
Spanish Lavender
Using Selective Focus
© Julie Waterhouse


photo challenge
Valley of Fire, NV, USA
Having fun with Photoshop to add a slightly larger than usual moon!
© Julie Waterhouse


photo challenge
Hosta Leaf
Made with a long exposure. Kept the camera still long enough to capture the leaf, and then panned vertically to create the soft leaf texture in the background.
© Julie Waterhouse


"Creative Nature" Contest Entries

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Photo Challenge Entries - May 2011 
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