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December 2011


Now that the weather has turned cold, and the snow is finally on the ground in my home town, I'm craving sunshine! I decided that this month, I'd make the topic "sunsets" so I could get my fill of warm rays! Sunsets are always a favorite for photographers, so let's see your best!

Sunsets can be a challenge to shoot, since they typically results in an image with a large dynamic range. The foreground is often quite dark, while the sky is very bright. A graduated neutral density filter can help reduce the dynamic range, and bring out the rich colors in the sky. It's one of the few filters I carry in my camera bag in the digital age.

Tips: Look for interesting foreground shapes, as they will turn into silhouettes if you are shooting into the sun. Consider using a longer focal length lens if you want the sun to be a feature in the shot. A wide angle lens will make it appear as only a small dot. You may want to use a white balance setting of cloudy or shady to keep the colors looking nice and warm. Also think about using a tripod to keep your camera steady. Finally, experiment with different exposures to make sure you get the one that works best.

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Into the Sunset

My Images

photo challenge
Sunset over Lake Huron, The Pinery Provincial Park, ON, Canada
© Julie Waterhouse


photo challenge
Quebec Sunset
© Julie Waterhouse


photo challenge
A Pale Winter Sunset
© Julie Waterhouse


photo challenge
Sunset Shadows
© Julie Waterhouse


photo challenge
Sunset over Lake Huron, The Pinery Provincial Park, ON, Canada
© Julie Waterhouse


photo challenge
Playing! Pan Through a Moving Car Window at Sunset
© Julie Waterhouse


"Sunset" Contest Entries

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Photo Challenge Entries - December 2011 
Driving down from the foothills and had to take a picture of all the colors. Used the tree branches to make it a little more interesting


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