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December 2010


pet photography
© Andrew Park

This month, let's honor the pets that make our lives better. Please share an image of your BFF (best furry friend!) -- or not so furry, if you keep goldfish! I'm away from home at the moment, without access to my photo archive, so my good friend Andrew has agreed to share some images of his menagerie as inspiration. Thanks, Andrew!

Enter your super-amazing photos in our photo contests. The winning image will be featured on the Ultimate Photo Tips homepage for all of the following month.

One entry only each month per person, please!

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Andrew's Menagerie of Pets

pet photography
© Andrew Park


pet photography
Puppy in Motion!
© Andrew Park


pet photography
Lucas Makes a Friend
© Andrew Park


pet photography
Lights, Camera, Action!
© Andrew Park


"Pets" Contest Entries

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Photo Challenge Entries - December 2010 
Our staffie, Simba, concentrating on the destruction of an ostrich femur! (only one post per month please! I'll let this through, but only the first …


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