Parking Lot - a photo a day

by Jack Schachner
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

After a great one-on-one session with Julie, I came upon the idea to take a photo every (work) day in the same parking lot. I further constrained the 'project' to use only prime lenses, no auto focus and no image stabilization. (Day one was going to be easy - but what would happen on day two, or 10?)

The project has become more and more challenging as I become more familiar with the location. Finding new subjects and new presentation methods really challenges creativity.

I usually take several photos each day and process them in batches after a week or two. I've set up an account on Flickr and that encourages me to post photos. I know (from feedback) that friends are watching ... waiting.

The project began in December 2011 and now in March 2012 I'm still at it. I'm so impressed with Julie's 365 project that I'm able to keep going.

Not every day yields a great result. But, reviewing the body of work over time is very enlightening to me.

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